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Why You Should Call Hoarding Cleanup Georgia


– We are Compassionate and Caring

– We are Discreet and Confidential

– We are Flexible and Adaptable

– We are Very Responsive

– Our Pricing is Very Competitive


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What Services Does Hoarding Cleanup Georgia Offer?

Everything in One Place

Clutter Removal

Hoarding Clean-Up

Animal Hoarding / Filth Clean-Up

Disinfection & Deep Cleaning

Treatment of Odors

Distressed & Abandoned Property Clean-Up

Above all, we provide our services with compassion, courtesy, and kindness. 

What Happens During Clean-Up?

No two hoarding and clutter cleanup situations are exactly the same. Generally, though, we follow a three-step process

Step 1: Clutter Removal

In this step, items in the home are sorted and either disposed of, donated, or kept. Hoarding Cleanup Georgia typically uses a dumpster to efficiently dispose of non-regulated waste. Infectious or hazardous waste, appliances, and electronics will be disposed of using the proper protocol. Items to be donated are placed in our truck and a receipt will be provided at the end of the project.

Step 2: Basic Organization

Step 3: Disinfecting and deodorizing

Please do not be afraid or embarrassed, Hoarding Cleanup Georgia professionals genuinely want to help!

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